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American Blonde


American Blonde

In a genre charged with upping the ante in female presence, sisters Natalia (Nata) and Christina (Tinka) Morris effortlessly slip right in, taking their place amongst other high-power vocalists and skilled musicians to add to the trend working to change that. And just as their positioning in today’s country music landscape feels entirely natural, so did their initial entrance into the art form. Raised in the Mississippi Delta - known as the birthplace of all American music - Nata and Tinka were raised hearing the stylings of artists in country, rock, Americana, and, perhaps most importantly, blues. “We were so fortunate to grow up around so many legendary blues musicians. Seeing all those artists perform constantly inspired us.” Their upbringing laid the groundwork for their sound - a generous blend of pop country with an edge (a nod to Tinka’s love of rock) and, at times, a hint of blues  - one they’ve truly only recently cemented, after years of operating as a trio with their sister Hannah in their teens under the name Southern Halo. “You don’t know who you are when you’re younger - you just kind of figure things out as you get older. That’s how we stand with our music. We’re super proud of Southern Halo’s music, and it’s reflective of who we were then. But our new songs are really more faithful to our roots. They show how the years have shaped us and who we are now.”


What started as Nata’s passion for piano quickly turned to an insatiable hunger for music in general. Tinka soon found her strength was in her voice and, after picking up drumsticks for the first time, discovered a love for a good beat. It wasn’t long before Nata and Tinka’s inspiration expanded to popular music - with Nata taking a liking to Taylor Swift, and Tinka finding a love of ACDC. Somewhere in the mix, Nata picked up a second instrument - her grandfather’s guitar - which led to an interest in songwriting shortly thereafter. “There was never a whole lot going on in our small town, so we just started playing out. But we didn’t get started playing at church, like most people. We played all the local bars and rowdy festivals.” It was their involvement in their area Texaco Country Showdown, though, that shifted them from a multi-genre girl group to one rooted in the Nashville sound and, ultimately, encouraged their path forward as artists. “We dabbled in rock, R&B, blues… When we made it to the finals in the Texaco Country Showdown, we performed at The Ryman. That was our first time playing in Nashville, and we immediately knew that’s where we wanted to be.” The girls continued, full steam ahead, performing throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe, opening for artists like Maren Morris, Kane Brown, Parmalee, Easton Corbin, Thompson Square, and even the very definition of blues itself, B.B. King, among others, constantly working on their explosive, high-energy stage presence and uncanny ability to connect with just about anyone watching.


Nata and Tinka have taken the past few years to slow down and truly define their sound and image, opting to upgrade to the new name American Blonde, and spending their days further rooting themselves in the Music City scene. “We spent our time doing rounds and getting in rooms to write with as many people as possible. Our songwriting has improved tremendously, being off the road… We’ve learned to be more vulnerable and honest about what’s going on in life. “We’re really proud of where things are headed. We’ve never been more ourselves, and that shows in our music.” A powerhouse of talent, their music is a constantly evolving testament to the Delta roots that nurtured them. Continuing to meld the sounds of their childhood - The Eagles, B.B. King, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, and more - with those of some of today’s hottest country acts, American Blonde forges forward with a new identity and matured sound, while continuing to deliver memorable performances and a lovable nature that keep fans coming back for more.

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